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Hello and welcome to this week's Firefox's Top 5! Anyone who watches Anime can sat at least epic/awesome moments that keeps them from leaving the genre all together. At least, its that way for me. I've gone onto Youtube to check out other people's Top epic moments/fights/ect in anime, and it pissed me off. As you can expect, most them had that one Naruto fight as #1. I saw it. It wasn't that awesome. It was the highlight of the series. It still wasn't that good. (Which says a lot about the series.) Seeing that was the final straw. Here is the real Top 5 Epic moments in Anime. (One of them is also more Awesome, then epic. btw) Enjoy.


Of all the many, many Giant Robot shows I have ever seen in my life, this takes #1, as the worst Giant Robots show, ever. Then why, you ask, do I have this on my list at all? The answer is simple. About 3 episodes into the series (the series is about 6 episodes btw) they finally, FINALLY, introduce "Gunbuster" us. And damn me, it was best introduction, I have ever dun seen. Ok, the series starts out, introducing us to the normal Giant Robots, which are as big as you'd expect. Then, (Jump to ep. 3) they are in a battle, more like a massacre, all hope its lost. Then the gutless main character finally grows a pair, and goes into battle. So she exists the hanger, rising out with the robot's arms crossed, and flies out to save the day. She fires one shot, killing scores of enemies. Then, the "money shot". She flies past her comrades, and the giant robots you remember me talking about? They are TINY compared to this beast! However, the rest of the series was just bad. That's right. Bad. Just bad.

Sonic OVA
You remember waaaaaaay back in my third Top 5 how Sonic OVA made number 5? No? Well, that's understandable... Well, it was. Anyway, if you read it, then you'd know what moment for this movie I am talking about. Yep, that's right, the robotic roundhouse kick. It was just so awesome, and so strange at the same time... I mean, Metal Sonic flies down, from nowhere, and just hovers over Sonic's head for a second, then brings his leg down to a perfect 90 degree angle, brings it back, and kicks Sonic into tomorrow. No one saw that coming! Chuck Norris would be proud.

The Big O (Big O)
Ah Big O, everything you do is epic. Even a simple laser attach involves an epic stance, and an even more epic build-up into that stance! So you can imagine what a laser, that is literally what Big O is! The Big O! Every single attack (except the head laser. Go figure.) is used in this attack! This missile pods in his chest? They open up for the laser to come out. Those chain harpoon, things, around his waist? They shoot at the ground, holding Big O in place. Now what about the pylons in his arms? They provide a counter force, so Big O isn't sent flying back from the shot. Now the actual laser itself. whence fired, it fires a continues beam, that goes on for about 10-20 seconds, vaporizing everything in front of it. Now, did I forget to mention that the laser is about the size of Big O himself? Well, it is. Once it's done firing, the laser ejects. Meaning that this thing can only be used, once. That's it. Just once. Now cool is that?

Goldion Crusher (GaoGaiGar FINAL)
Eheheh... GaoGaiGar... I love GaoGaiGar. There is little that I love more then GaoGaoGar. One of those, is GaoGaiGar FINAL. Its OVA, sequel... thing. It took everything, EVERYTHING from GaoGaiGar, (GGG) and improved it. You heard me right, one of the best Giant Robot shows, EVER, and they improved it. Now, everyone who has ever seen it, knows about the Goldion Hammer. A hammer, the literally turns people into light. But, early into FINAL, they killed off Goldymarg, AKA, the Goldion Hammer. So, everything got a lot harder for the 3 G team. GaoFaiGar gets destroyed, and replaced by Genesic GGG. And GGGG fights the final boss, beats him, and he spawns back, times 100. The 3 space-ships combine into a giant hammer, GGGG hammer connects with it, then destroys the sun. Yep. I'd explain who, what, where, when, and why, but that would take me more then the characters I'm aloud to have. My suggestion? GO WATCH IT. You will thank me. Guaranteed.

Jet Gatling (One Piece)
Without a doubt, the highlight of the series. And that's saying a lot considering how awesome One Piece is. (Unlike Naruto...) Luffy is facing off against the strongest agent of the wold government Lucci. He has taken 2 hits to chest from an incredibly strong attach, and can barely stand. Lucci walks away toward his cremates with every intention to kill them, while Luffy is stumbling in place. Then suddenly, out of no where, violins start playing as Luffy crouches, while flash back images remind us that Lucci, is a murdering psycho, and Robin doesn't what to die. Now, mind you, Luffy is in Gear 2nd, which makes Luffy faster, and stronger. And his attack, "Gatling Gun" is his fastest, and his strongest attack. He uses Jet Gatling. Which is so fast, even in super slow motion, it looks like there is 6 fists at one time. Right before Luffy's attack, Lucci used tenchi, which makes him impervious to all attacks. Except Jet Gatling oh course. Which puts him through the wall. And most likely kills him. The music is epic, the animation is epic, and goddamnit, the attach is epic. If you are going to watch it, you need to watch the whole series. And trust me, if you sat through Naruto, you can watch One Piece.

And this is one frame.

Top 5 Epic/Awesome Moments in Anime